Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Seven of pentacles

When I see this card I always tell people they have sown their seeds and are now seeing the fruits of their labor – taking a moment and resting while the outcomes grow heavy on the vine. So you are finally seeing some results (People who are graduating from college often draw this card) or seeing some investments - of time and energy as well as money - pay off. I have also seen it for women asking about pregnancy and it signifies a yes!

But I also get it when people have felt they’re taken as much as they can from this garden, and in the pause, they are considering change – new work, new careers, assessing whether the fruit is worth the labor involved. The beautiful quilt reminds us that to everything there is a season, and make sure you are waiting for the right moment to reap your reward.

The inner child cards emphasize the resting/assessing option; in that candlelit pause you can assess more fully, reflect whether you are on the right path, see for yourself if you want to continue, or if you want change. This is a moment to check your strategy and see if you are still on course.

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