Friday, August 29, 2014

Lovely Cups

Every so often I come across a new deck/interpretation of a card which helps me deepen my understanding of the cards.  I always encourage people to google or pinterest an important card,  to see if they can find a version that speaks to them,  because each artist has something to contribute,  and sometimes one version just says it the most clearly to you.

I recently came across Phantomwise tarot on pinterest and really enjoyed how they envisioned the cups suite. They had such a cute 2 of cups,  that I just wanted to share it with you - the 2 of cups is a card of equal love,  of both of you putting the same amount/kind of energy into the relationship -  and these rabbits with their sweetness leaning towards each other just made me smile. 

And then their 10 of cups was equally bright and charming -  this is often the happy ever after family card,  and here are all the rabbits, a family together,  drinking tea...