Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Thanksgiving is my favorite festival of the year – it’s about community and coming together and traditional, delicious foods.  It’s about being and not getting, having and not presuming.   A holiday based on Gratitude and food, you really can’t improve on that for me!  I really hate how commercialized some of the holidays have become, all about the presents, not about being present…  But Thanksgiving retains its sense of being about the gathering of family and friends, about the food (though we can certainly get competitive and crazy about that.  My recommendation, avoid Pintrest!) and about the name – giving thanks. 

This year I have much to be grateful for.  There were several surgeries in my family that all went well.  My son is growing up, taller now than both of us. And we brought in a new member of our family this year – Charlie, the sweetest dog you’ve ever seen, who we found through the Humane Society of New York.  If you ever want to rescue a dog, they are so dedicated and so good, I would highly recommend them. 

I hope you all had a warm and hearty Thanksgiving.   Now,  to prove my theory that time goes at different paces,  the days will quickly disappear and it will be Christmas in the blink of a eye!

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