Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A New Year is here again

I know New Years are kind of arbitrary - there are Chinese and Jewish New Years,  the whole counting system used in the Southern Hemisphere is based on a system developed in the Northern hemisphere...  and yet still,  they do something to me.  

I feel energized and hopeful,  like a line has been drawn and a new chapter can begin.  It's not that 2013 was bad,  because it wasn't,  rather by the end of the year I often find myself sticky with things not done,  opportunities not taken.  And then you stop even wanting to take them,  it feels too hard. But as the year starts again,  the feeling of resilience and luck starts again too,  and some of those opportunities and wishes seem possible once more.  And of course,  the more you think something is possible,  the more you are likely to do it!

So here is my New Year's wish for you - think of a possible goal,  and give is some energy,  and then see how far you can take it...

Technical difficulties are mean I can't put photos up.  I'll put this up and see if I can't fix the photo problem soon!

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