Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Looking at the Devil card again

In the Rider Waite version the devil card just looks scary, but it also looks alien. Who here sincerely worries about the devil? I explain that the devil is the repetitive bad patterns, addictive habits that lead us astray, taking us away from where we want to go.

And who understands the true work of the devil better than the housewife’s tarot – that chocolate cake, tempting us to gluttony, sloth and short term gratification, bringing out all our bad habits and vices.  So clear and easy to understand,  I just love it! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My current favorite review

Written by Susanne B on Citysearch -

My tarot reading with Liat was exactly what I had hoped for. In the beginning she did what she calls a cold read, ie she lays out the cards and tells you what she sees without knowing anything about you. In my case her interpretations were spot on. I read the cards for myself sometimes and had been looking for an unbiased read. Afterwards we talked about strategies to modify certain aspects of my life/environment to clear my path. I sought her out based on the reviews I had read online and based on her experience as a counselor/therapist. My reading with her was a very cleansing, enlightening and solid experience. I am sure I will see her again in a little while down the road.. and I am very much looking forward to it.

Always so happy when people get what they wanted.  I always start with a cold reading,  where I don't know anything about you,  but after the cold reading,  the more you say,  the better the reading becomes...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Drawing the same card twice

Eva and the Snake by Christian Schloe
I recently did a reading for a woman who was contacted by a man she knew 25 years ago, when she was in college, via LinkedIn. This scenario is more common than you may think. 
Both she and the old friend were married, and she agreed to meet him for drinks.  And he gave her that line that is so seductive – she was the one who got away, he made a mistake, he should have married her.  But when it became clear that she would not sleep with him, he abruptly dropped all communication with her.
She wants closure, or friendship, or to know what the hell happened.  She drew Justice Reversed around him.  She was not going to get the closure she wanted,  he had acted badly,  and that was the ending.  At the very end of the reading, when I had drawn all the cards together and was shuffling them to prepare them for the next reading, she asked me if she could just draw one more card around him.  And then she pulled out Justice reversed again. She looked at me. 
And I said, this is your goose bump moment. The cards are clear.  You need to let any thoughts of him go, he’s not coming back.   She sighed and then said she actually felt much better. The cards were so definite, it was time to let him go and move on.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How old do you want to be when you die?

Everyone has a secret number, the number they want to get to, before they die.  Recently I had a reading with a woman who is 78 years old.  She has some complex medical issues.  The cards saw pain and difficulty but then the possbility of a good recovery.   I asked her what number she wanted to get to and she said 93.    If she wanted to live to 80, then perhaps she wouldn’t want to spend 18 months in surgery and recovery, but if she wants 15 years, it is worth undergoing a painful surgery. 

Elizabeth Slettness
We often have these secret numbers in our head and we should take them into account when making decisions.  A friend of mine recently said that he wanted to live to 100.  That’s not my magic number; I worry about finances and frailty and human connection and I don’t think I want to get that far.  But if you do, you should start taking care of things now, so your foundation – health, wealth and community, is solid.