Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My current favorite review

Written by Susanne B on Citysearch -

My tarot reading with Liat was exactly what I had hoped for. In the beginning she did what she calls a cold read, ie she lays out the cards and tells you what she sees without knowing anything about you. In my case her interpretations were spot on. I read the cards for myself sometimes and had been looking for an unbiased read. Afterwards we talked about strategies to modify certain aspects of my life/environment to clear my path. I sought her out based on the reviews I had read online and based on her experience as a counselor/therapist. My reading with her was a very cleansing, enlightening and solid experience. I am sure I will see her again in a little while down the road.. and I am very much looking forward to it.

Always so happy when people get what they wanted.  I always start with a cold reading,  where I don't know anything about you,  but after the cold reading,  the more you say,  the better the reading becomes...

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