Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Finding the relationship lifestyle that works for you

I read this story in the New York Times about people Living Apart Together. 

In my readings I hear about thousands of relationships.  I hear about people who live together happily in a tiny studio apartment, and about people who deliberately bought 2 apartments in the same complex but not on the same floor.  I hear of people who have separate bedrooms and of those who have trouble sleeping when their partner travels. And the upshot is – all of these are equally good if they work for you. 

The couple in the studio is too close for me, but it worked for them for a long time, and even when they moved, it was to a not to a much bigger place.   I particularly liked the woman whose lover taught singing from his home, so he was on the 6th floor and she was on the 8th floor of a different tower in the same complex, so his work did not infringe on her. They’ve been living like that for 12 years and very happy with it.  I often tell new couples that moving into the other person’s space can be tricky, best for both of you to move in together to somewhere new, if/when that time comes.

What I love about New York is that there are always options here.  If the ‘norm’ doesn’t work for you, let yourself explore the possibility of something else.  Don't let anyone else's judgment hamper you.  If it works for you, then it’s working…

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