Thursday, August 15, 2013

What do Tarot readings give you

A good tarot reading shows you how the present is creating your future.  Your actions today are the foundation for tomorrow’s accomplishments or failures.

The Tarot is like a pure clear mirror, showing you where you are putting your energy now, and how that is going to affect the future.  It illuminates what you know, but then shows you how your present is going to impact the next 6 months. 

by John Breitweiser
One of the most common responses I get it is ‘you’re right, you’re right,  I knew this, and now I can see how it’s playing out.’  My most difficult readings are when people don’t want to talk about the present, they just want a different future, and I have the heavy task of telling them that the future will be no different,  if they don’t alter what they are doing now…

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