Thursday, June 16, 2011

Steering through a tarot reading

Sometimes readings go in themes. I had two readings in a row the other week where three quarters way through the reading, the person confessed that they had been to a different tarot reader the week before (I know, it’s my fault, making people wait so long to see me!) But I wasn’t annoyed, instead I said, well, were the cards the same or different?

One, a man, said that both of us had given the exact same outcome, though my cold reading was better. Seeing that the outcome was that he should stop dating women and let himself recover from a broken relationship, he agreed that he indeed would stop torturing himself and those poor women and only hang with friends till the end of the summer.

The other, a woman, told me that both I and the other reader had told her that her ex, would not come back to her (she then told me that he had since moved in with another woman) But she didn’t see why that couldn’t happen and wanted to wait…

We are all the captains of our ship, and if we have our heart set on one direction, a tarot reading can warn of rocks ahead, but we can’t change the course, only you can…

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