Monday, March 2, 2009

Stepping right out...

The first card of the Major Arcana is the Fool - the most common image is from the Rider Waite pack, and there are many variations on this theme:

but basically, it shows someone who doesn't know where they are going, head in the air, hope in their heart, unaware of the difficulties ahead. Often, that's the energy we need to start the journey, or we'd never leave the house!

I came across this cool dude version of the fool (whose imagery may speak more to you)

When you get this card in a reading, it's about the start of things. Sometimes it can mean that you should look more carefully at where you are going or what you expect to find. What I like about this card, unlike, let's say the 8 of cups, that this journey is all about movement, and it shows understanding that the journey is the destination. Sometimes we are so focused on where we want to be, that getting there is some negligible annoyance. But how we get to where we want to be, is actually what defines us (are we calm, flustered, organized, ruthless, corrupt or loving?) And the fool, although blithely stepping out, is also taking action.

In the second pack that I use, the inner child pack, the fool card looks like this:

and I like the warning of it - into the woods dangerous things can happen, but red riding hood is no fool, and she gets to save the day (depending on the version you choose) And sometimes you have to get through the woods to find your loved ones...

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