Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A new year, a new endeavor

Hello. I know it's February, (rather than January fifth, when I was thinking of snapping into action) but it's still early on, and here is my personal new year's resolution - I've been reading Tarot cards forever (over 25 years) but have decided to start a tarot blog which I'll update weekly or thereabouts and find new people to read for.

What is special about my readings?

I'm accurate, perceptive and will tell you what I see, good or bad. I use my skills as a qualified psychotherapist, (I couldn't use my tarot there - though I often wished I could) and I can discuss with depth and understanding any issues that may come up.

When I do a reading I often use 2 packs. I find this adds to enormously to the insights, as far more often than you would believe identical or very similar cards fall into the same places, which just helps clarify so much!

Also, I'm as the blog title says, I'm based in Tribeca, in New York city. Sadly I can't do phone readings - I've tried, and all I get is mud! But face to face, after you've shuffled the cards... it's amazing what is revealed.

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  1. and do you do readings on-line? I live in London, you see (also good coffee)...