Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wands on Holiday

I have all this lovely wands energy warming me, but I won't be doing any more readings in New York this month, as I will be away.

If you would like a reading, please contact me after January 4th, to see what the New Year brings... in the mean time have a warm and festive holiday,

best wishes,


Monday, December 14, 2009

2 of Wands

I like this card and see it often. It is someone who has achieved a certain level of success, but wants more… there are 2 wands beside you and the world in your hands but you are looking out into the distance. It’s a card of ambition and accomplishment. It’s also a card of planning. The person in the card is not rushing off, he’s harnessing his wands energy and using it wisely. It’s a sense of being in control of your life. I read somewhere that it is the card of applied power, and that’s a phrase that really resonated for me.

The shadow side of the card is someone who doesn’t feel connected to their own lives. They don’t appreciate what they have, and don’t value what they’ve accomplished but are always looking out for something more…

Lovely image of man climbing comes from Cathy Hughes

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ace of Wands

Wands aka as rods, sticks, magic wands, scepters…

The ace is always the most intense distillation of the suit. If wands are fiery energy, then the Ace means that you are going to have a boost of energy, creative, passionate, forceful, coming into your life. It’s a wonderful card for new ventures. If you have big plans and want to know if you should go ahead, the Ace of Wands is a flaming yes! It’s a positive card signifying new starts and adventures.

I personally don’t read reversed cards, but I do look for the shadow side of any card. The shadow side of the Ace of wands is that all that energy and enthusiasm can lead to stubborn or even reckless decisions. Fire can consume and destroy if it’s not contained properly. So make sure that you have some facts backing up your decisions, make sure your plans are in place. And then let the Ace of Wands sweep them into fruition.

This perfect fire version can be bought at DoroTarot

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lovely links

While looking for images of the Ace of Wands (that blog will go up tomorrow) I can across this lovely site, with a really beautiful quote, that so clearly expresses my own feelings about tarot cards - so here it is:

"Tarot cards are like people. We get to know them more or less well, but never completely. And like people, they change over time and with experience of them. This is not to say we can't really know a card. Anymore than one would say one doesn't really know one's best friend or mate or lover. Simply that with these cards we form, as with people, many-faceted, living, changing relationships." Roswila

She also has really gorgeous photos of 'found tarot cards' that she sees in the world around her. A nice find :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The many faces of the suits

The playing cards we are so familiar with have a clear relationship with the Minor Arcana. As the picture above shows, modern cards have a relationship with the Tarot suits. The suits are divided into 4 groups - wands, cups, swords and pentacles, though there is certainly plenty of variation on those themes. In the Inner Child Cards that I also use, the 4 suites are wands, hearts, swords and crystals.

The four major groups hold 4 distinct energies.

Wands are fire, energy, ambition, initiative, creativity, passion
(wands can also be represented by sticks, batons, staves, rods etc)

Cups are water, emotions, intuition, love, empathy, the Holy Grail
(cups can also be represented by hearts, harps, flowers, esp roses, chalices, etc)

Swords are air, intellectual, sharp, cutting through illusions, objectivity, Truth
(Swords somehow are the most common suit, rarely changing. I guess swords are such a definitive image!)

Pentacles are earth, work, coins/material possessions, security, comfort.
(pentacles can also be represented by coins, stars, crystals, discs, bells, etc)

Each suit goes from Ace to ten, and then has 4 court cards - the page, knight, queen and king. And of course, there are many variations on those themes as well (from princesses to mermaids…) Court Cards can also be referred to as sister, brother, mother, father – which can explain a lot!