Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Lately I've been having quite a few readings where people come to talk to me about their adult children.  

One sweet regular client was quarreling with her 24 year old son,  who had somehow not moved out of home.   I said to her the line that I often say to my own son - I'm here to raise an adult,  not to grow a child.  So if you don't make it to adulthood something is wrong. 

I don't want them to fight and her to throw him out,  he couch surf for a few weeks or months and then return home, for the cycle to repeat (as has happened.)  I want them to sit calmly and for her to say with love in her heart,  I'm not throwing you out,  but I'm worried that you continuing to live here and for us to become resentful of each other is a bad cycle,  and with only love in my heart,  I'm letting you loose,  so you can find your feet in the world. 

She said that they really need to have that discussion (she had drawn lots of swords around their situation,  it was really affecting her emotionally) and hopefully with this reading she has a way to start it.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Slowing down to the speed of life

It's a New York way of humble bragging,  to say how busy you are,  or to say how many things you have to do.  In a city of so many options,  it really is easy to fill every available moment with work or activity.  Sometimes it can be hard to find time to just sit and be.

One thing I love about tarot readings is that it is a dedicated hour - no other phone calls or texts intrude.  In fact,  I encourage people to record the readings and ask if they get lots of texts and if they do I tell them to put the phone on air plane mode,  as texts and calls,  even unanswered ones,  can disrupt the recording. 

So it's an hour without distractions,  where we just focus on you and your questions.   A lot of people tell me afterwards how nice it is to just give yourself the time to sit and think about things like if you are on the right path,  and if your actions are getting you the results you want.