Monday, February 21, 2011


Here’s where it starts to get mysterious (just a friendly warning) The Major Arcana counterpart to the twos is the High Priestess, which is all about intuition and balance, and the Hanged Man, which is all about choice and insight. The two’s deal with duality.

To understand one aspect, we need to know its opposite number – yin/yang, sour/sweet, good/bad. To truly know one, we need to see the other as well. So if you get many twos and/or the High Priestess in your cards, you are struggling with dualities/cause and effect, looking for your path between the two goal posts.

The two of wands is balancing existing skills with future goals, the two of cups is about balanced relationships, two of swords is about defensiveness verses seeing things clearly and the two of pentacles is the eternal juggle of life, keeping those 2 balls in the air.

Hamsa art by Zoe Cohen

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All Aces

What does having more than one Ace mean?
Aces are the distillation of their suit. I always say that the ace is a yes - whatever the question, if you draw an ace the answer is yes. The ace is a focus, an opportunity, a burst of energy. The ace is a new beginning, and a clearing of the way. They are the active energy of the suit they embody. If you want to know more about your particular Ace, I’ve written about them here: ace of wands, ace of cups, ace of swords, ace of pentacles.

If you are drawing more than one Ace (I’ve had a few readings, not many, where people get 3 – 4 aces) then you are really in an energy filled place, you can get things done, make things happen for yourself.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blog Art

One of the reasons I'm so happy with my blog is that I can decorate it with images that just really speak to me. I find these images all over the place and can't always credit the artist; sometimes I've just found them in other blogs, with no explanation given (sometimes they found them on other blogs...) But I am trying to be mindful and if I can name the artist, I will do so, and link to their sites.

One artist I’ve come across online who I use frequently here is Elena Ray - You can buy prints of her beautiful images, and I just thought I would share her name with you because she gives me so much joy.

And this is an excellent site for more images.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two Year Anniversary

So it’s two years ago to the day that I started this blog. And I’m so grateful, I got nearly a thousand hits over the past month, and every month more people read it.

It also means that I’m getting busier. Two years ago, you could have rung and seen me on the day. Last year, you could ring in and see me within a few days. These last few months, especially this year (all 4 weeks of it!) I’m booking 10 days in advance. It’s wonderful and I’m grateful, but I’m also aware that I’m having to say no to a lot of people. Of course most of them let me book them in a week or so later, but not everyone can do that. I’m also aware of time and inspiration and being in the moment, and I’m sorry that I can’t let everyone in.

Just to let you know that I do a maximum of 3 readings a day. I find this keeps me fresh and focused for everyone. My goal is not to cram in the most amount of people, but to be truly present to everyone I read for. So I’m trusting its worth the wait, and you can still come and see me…